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Welcome to Connections In Bloom

I'm a social marketing specialist committed to catering to each of my client’s needs. Using a strategic and hands-on approach, I work with you one-on-one to fully understand your social media and marketing goals. With your goals in mind, I put together a plan to maximize social media presence and engage with your target audiences. I highly value building a long-term, successful customer-business relationship. Interested in learning more?

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Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I am an intuitive, creative, and enthusiastic professional with over 6 years' experience in marketing, customer service, sales, and event planning. Having worked for more than 10 years in customer service, I am profoundly passionate about the importance of strong customer-business relationships and motivating audiences to engage with your business. 

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How can I help your business bloom?

Maintaining a quality social media presence is important for every business and requires a great deal of thought and strategy to be successful. Below is an overview of the services that I provide.

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  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
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  • Instagram

Social Media Management

Social Media Strategy

At the start of each engagement, we schedule a kick-off interview to familiarize ourselves with your brand, industry, marketing goals, and target audience. With the information gathered, I put together a recommended social media plan.

Social Media Management

Each month I schedule and manage a select amount of social media posts per week on your social media channel(s). All posts are scheduled in advance, so you have time to review them and provide any necessary feedback. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a valuable marketing channel to promote your business. Email campaigns should be personalized, creative, and strategized to provide just enough information for customers to stay up-to-date on your business happenings, without overuse. 

Lets get started!

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